Airbagged Trailers are currently manufactured in California, for sales in North America (and with other locations coming soon). We can however export to countries where the trailer regulations match the USA/Canadian regulations (specifically, the 2.59m/102” width is wider than most other markets, among other differences). Please check with your local transport regulation agency to confirm if USA-specification trailers are able to be registered in your country. For export enquiries, please contact us for pricing. To price shipping with a local shipping agent, the details for a standard trailer are:

  • 25’ long x 8’6” wide x 3’ tall
  • RORO shipping from Port of Long Beach, California, or Port Hueneme, California.

Please note that due to frequent fluctuations in shipping fuel surcharges, we are unable to quote shipping, and so can only provide estimates, if we are to arrange the shipping. Customers will need to arrange the collection of trailers from the destination/receiving port.

We will be doing our best to add native-speaking dealers in each country in future, but for now please note that all orders will need to be placed in English.

Hawaii (Although part of the USA, Hawaii is included here due to needing shipping)
Please contact us for a shipping estimate.

Please contact us for a delivery quote. Airbagged Trailers conform to all USA and Canadian federal trailer regulations.

UK and Europe
We are targeting to launch in the UK and Europe in 2018 with a specific UK/EU-spec product, as due to the very different specifications and also legal requirements for UK/EU registered trailers, exporting the USA version is unfortunately not an option. If you would like to be contacted when further information is available, please contact us.

Middle East
Please contact us for a shipping estimate.

Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
As the US version is too wide and has different lighting and other differences to what is required in for AU/NZ/JP regulations, we will be building a specific version for export to these countries. If you would like to be contacted when further info is available, please contact us with details of your location.

Other countries
Please contact us for exports to other countries. As every country has different trailer regulations, although we will know what changes are required for some, you may be required to let us know what changes from the US specification are required for being legal in your country.