Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have dealers?
Currently all sales are built to order and delivered directly to you from our production in California. For enquiries to become a dealer, please see here.  
How do I become a dealer for Airbagged Trailers?
Airbagged Trailers are now taking dealer applications. Please click here for details. 
How do I order a trailer?
Trailers can be ordered here. If you’d like to speak to someone before buying, please contact us
Are Airbagged Trailers available in my country?
Please see the Exports page. 
What are the payment options?
Payment can be made by online by credit or debit card, and by bank transfer. Finance will be available soon (please contact us). Payment terms are 50% deposit on order and 50% before delivery.
Can or do you make different size or different capacity trailers?
For custom trailers or a specific application or design, please contact us. Airbagged Trailers are not currently making higher capacity trailers.
What is the warranty?
For a copy of our warranty, please contact us.
Is there an enclosed version available?
An enclosed version is planned for 2018. Please contact us to receive information when this is available.
Can I get sponsorship?
Airbagged Trailers does not offer any sponsorships, but may consider offering discounts for businesses and individuals with significant social media followings. Please contact us with specific details of your accounts (instagram/Facebook/YouTube/etc) and an overview of how you’d like to partner with Airbagged Trailers. As an Airbagged Trailers partner, you’d become part of the Airbagged Trailers family, whereby an ongoing relationship is built over time and value is created for everyone involved. To be considered for partnering, you will have existing relationships with other brands, and we’ll be able to see how you promote their products through your channels, and engage with your followers regularly in a positive way. 
Can Airbagged Trailers be made with (or modified for) higher capacity?
At this time Airbagged Trailers are not offering a higher capacity design. The current payload capacity is 4,400 lb. If you would like to be contacted when a higher capacity version is available, please contact us and let us know what payload capacity you need. 
What happens if there’s an air leak or airbag failure?
It would be incredibly unlikely for an airbag to fail (airbags typically last at least 10-15+ years) but there are safety stops in place while towing anyway which prevent the trailer from lowering to the ground. Also each bag is plumbed individually, so if one line were to lose pressure, the other three airbags would generally support the load ok to continue towing to a safe location to repair the leak. Top quality parts and DOT fittings are used throughout, so are very reliable, but if anything ever needs replacing or maintenance, all the airbags, fittings, compressors, and tank etc are commonly available parts which can be sourced easily and quickly from countless suppliers throughout the USA and other countries. 
Where are they made, and can Airbagged Trailers be viewed in person?
To make a booking to view a trailer, please contact us. Airbagged Trailers are manufactured in Southern California, and viewing/visits are by appointment only. Please note that as Airbagged Trailers are currently all built to order, we will need to time your visit for when a completed trailer is ready to view, before being delivered. If you’d like to know if your car will fit, please contact us with details of what it is. For checking factory vehicle widths, Wikipedia lists the width of almost all cars, so is a good starting point if you don’t want to physically measure your car. With our loading width of 84″, cars up to 82″ wide can easily be accommodated (or 83″ if you don’t mind a tight fit). For cars wider than this, please contact us and we will work out another solution for you. 
Can we get a group buy discount?
Yes. Please contact us with details of how many trailers and a list of what versions and options you’d like for each, and a special discount will be calculated for you. If you want to set up a group-buy offer for your club or forum or Facebook group etc, contact us and we’ll work something out for you to share. 
Can I get a bulk discount?
Yes. Please contact us with details of how many trailers and what specs you’d like for each.
Do you have customer support?
Yes! Phone and email support is available to all customers, as well as in-person at our location in California. Due to spam emails and phone calls, all pre-sale contacts must be made through our contact page. We can call you if you’d like to discuss anything on the phone, so just ask in the contact form for a call, if you would like to speak to a representative. We aim to reply to new enquiries within 1-2 working days. 
Where can I buy repair or maintenance parts?
Wherever possible, Airbagged Trailers uses readily available parts so they can be locally sourced easily and quickly, such as to replace the axle components (Dexter Axle), tires (Kenda), lights (Tecniq), or any components in the air system (Viair, Airlift Performance, etc). Specialty Airbagged Trailers components which may need replacing (such as tail light brackets) are generally kept in stock and can be sent out as required. Airbagged Trailers do not sell suspension components to build your own trailer and we do not sell the designs. For licensing enquiries though, please contact us with your application and projected annual units to be made. 
Can or do you make custom or one-off trailers
If you would like a highly customized or one-off trailer, please contact us
Will the new design lay 100% flat like the original one did?
No. Unfortunately this is one trade-off of the new design, that it will not lay completely flat on the ground. It was decided that the much wider load area of the new design would be a higher priority for most customers, than being able to lay flat on the ground.
Do you still make the original design?
Due to the incredibly high production costs and manufacturing complexity of the original design, it is not economically viable to produce and therefore is unfortunately no longer offered for sale. Support for maintenance and repair components will still be provided for all owners of any Airbagged Trailers models. If you would like to licence the original Airbagged Trailers design to manufacture it for your own use or brand, please contact us with a proposal for consideration. 
Can you make enclosed food/service trailers?
Airbagged Trailers do not currently offer enclosed trailers or trailers set up for food/service use. We can however supply a trailer suitable for another supplier to add an enclosure to your specifications and fit-out. If preferred, we can also leave the tread plate flooring off so that a different floor material can be applied when the enclosure is added. To discuss this, please contact us with an overview of your application. 
Can a regular trailer be converted to the Airbagged Trailers suspension design?
Unfortunately it is not possible to “convert” a standard trailer to our design, due to the Airbagged Trailers frame and suspension design being unique and specifically designed to work together. 
Can’t find your question here? Contact us for more information.