Airbagged Trailers Film Process Trailers

Airbagged Trailers also custom builds film process trailers for the film/tv production. The key benefits of an Airbagged Trailers film process trailer are:

  • Very low towing height – Set the trailer close to the ground to make your “driving” footage appear as though the car is actually driving on the road
  • Near-silent operation – The air suspension and Bilstein shocks allows for an almost silent towing trailer, meaning you’ll be able to capture clearer audio from the actors, and less work filtering out background noise.
  • Road legal and ready-to-go – Because Airbagged Trailers are built to NHTSA regulations, there is no lengthy setup time required, or difficulty transporting an over-size process trailer to/from location.
  • Custom options to suit your needs – Each trailer can be customized for your preferences, such as speed rail systems, tie down points, or any other additional custom options. Custom branding can also be added, to promote your business while you shoot.
  • Size and capacity options – Choose from 20′ (load length) and 4,400 lb payload capacity, or 22′ and 6,000 lb payload capacity (or contact us for any other requirements).
  • Made for North American and overseas markets – Airbagged Trailers film process trailers have so far been built for clients in the USA and Japan.
  • Much cheaper than renting a film process trailer – Client feedback: “Definitely one of the best investments I have made in a long time, this trailer paid for itself first movie and continues to work show after show. You will find no finer trailer fit and finish and overall quality anywhere for the price!” (@uskeygrip – 9R Ranch Grip & Lighting Co.)

CONTACT Airbagged Trailers today to find out more or order an Airbagged Trailers film process trailer.

9R Ranch Grip & Lighting Co. on set with their custom Airbagged Trailers Film Process trailer